Post Surgery Care Package

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Send a little love and get well wishes with a post-surgery care package.

This care package is filled with a few practical items to help a friend pass the time and have some fun treats while recovering from a surgery or illness! What a great way to let friends know you are thinking of them.

Sayings Included:

  1. Rest – Relax – Read (Magazines, Books)
  2. Hoping your recovery is picture perfect! (Movie)
  3. Mani wishes for a speedy recovery! (nail polish, fingernail file, manicure items)
  4. Hoping you are back on your feet soon! (slippers / socks)
  5. Chocolate Cure-All (chocolate)
  6. Cup of cheer (tea, coffee, soup mix)
  7. A Spoonful of comfort (soup)
  8. Don’t hesitate to ask for a hand (hand lotion)
  9. Popping in to say, “Hope you’re feeling better soon!” (popcorn)
  10. Sleep Rest Recover (sleep mask, pillow spray)
  11. Just a note to let you know I am thinking about you (thank you cards, note cards)
  12. You’re one tough cookie  (cookies)
  13. Bee Well (anything with a bee, honey, Burt Bee’s lip balm)
  14. Happy Pills (m & m’s, small colorful candies)
  15. Surgery Sucks! Sorry (sucker, hard candy)
  16. You are going to feel good & plenty better SOON! (Good & Plenty Candy)
  17. Laughter is the best medicine! (Laffy Taffy, Chuckles, snickers, candy, comedy movie, game)
  18. An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away! (iTunes gift card)
  19. Kiss those aches and pains goodbye (heating pad, handmade rice heating pad)
  20. Before you know it you will be saying HI-HO HI-HO it’s back to work I go! —changed school to work(Ho Ho snack cakes)
  21. Hope you get feeling BUTTER soon! Don’t lift a FINGER ’till you’re well (Butterfinger candy bar)
  22. Soon you will be doing flips. (Flips chocolate covered pretzels)
  23. In case you need a lift! (uber or lyft gift card)
  24. Hope you bounce back soon! (paddle ball game)
items with sayings to give sick friend
items for care package for sick friend

Be sure to include a card with get well wishes! (included in the set)get well card

thinking of you card on care package


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