Teaching Staff Thank You Tags

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Easily thank an entire teaching staff with these printable tags.  Print on colored paper or cardstock and attach to a small gift. Find more Teacher Appreciation Ideas here.

  • 12 tags on a page to save on printing.
  • Perfect to place in mailboxes.

Each page will be laid out like this:

The sayings included:

  1. You are worth more than 100 grand to us!
  2. Thank you for the Mounds of knowledge you pass on to our students.
  3. You “SKOR” an A+
  4. Teachers are Special Treasures
  5. Kudos to a great teacher
  6. When it comes to helping out, you’re worth a mint!
  7. We’re nuts about you!
  8. Here’s a kiss and a hug for all you do!
  9. You are the best teacher bar none!
  10. Thanks for adding joy to our school!
  11. For all you do, you deserve an extra payday!
  12. You’ve made a mound of difference in our school
  13. This school would be a zoo without you.
  14. It’s a real treat to work with you
  15. You are more precious than gold
  16. Thank you for putting your heart into our school.
  17. Thanks for quenching our children’s thirst for knowledge.
  18. You are really on a roll this year!
  19. We love you to pieces!
  20. Without you our school would fall to pieces.
  21. We are bursting to tell you — You are an amazing teacher!
  22. You are an extra special teacher!
  23. We love your “commit-mint” to being a great teacher!
  24. Popping by to say thank you for all you do!
  25. Thank you for your “roll” in our school!
  26. It is refreshing to have a great teacher like you!
  27. You wrote the book on being a great teacher!
  28. ‘Donut’ know what our school would do without you!
  29. We won the lottery having you for a teacher
  30. Thanks for making our children smarties!
  31. Take note –  you are a great teacher!
  32. Our school has reMARKable teachers!
  33. You are just write!
  34. You are the highlight of our school, thanks for all you do!
  35. You are one of a kind!
  36. You blow us away!
  37. You are o’fish’ally the best teacher!
  38. You are a star! (star) could it be the starburst type?
  39. We are fortunate to have you!
  40. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.
  41. You are all that and a bag of chips.
  42. You are an EGGcellent teacher
  43. Our school has the best teachers hands down!
  44. Our school is TEArrific because of great teachers like you!
  45. Our teachers are out of this world!
  46. Thank you for all you do!
  47. We appreciate you!
  48. Our teachers are souper!
  49. Thanks for helping our children bloom
  50. We are bananas for you!
  51. Thanks a bunch for all you do!
  52. Thanks for being the key to our success!


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